Taking Control of Your Finances

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As an accountant, I see the state of people finances. Some understand how to live within their means, whilst others try to live a “champagne lifestyle on a beer budget”. It is important especially over this period where there are lots of spending temptations to keep a cool head. Overspending can take months or even years of repaying. My challenge this shopping season to take the “I hart cash” challenge. Use cash and not credit which includes the temptation to take now and pay later. The joy of shopping is not so joyous when you are still paying off your purchases plus interest months or even years into the future. I think it is important to remember no present recipient would feel good if they knew the gift placed you in a position of debt and stress. So spend within your means and only spend what you have. Take the “I hart cash” challenge Today!


* * * Disclaimer: No person should act on the general information in this article without taking specific advice from a qualified advisor. * * *

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