Working as a sole trader has numerous benefits. However, it can also be a lonely and isolating lifestyle, especially for those who have minimal contact with others. It can also be easy to lose focus when there is no direct boss or colleagues to keep a sole trader in check. The following tips can be effective in keeping sole traders motivated throughout their work days.

Have a Pre-Work Ritual (and Stick to It)

A pre-work ritual can be something as straightforward as eating breakfast, having a shower and brushing teeth, or even going for a walk or run. Whatever the choice is, having a pre-work ritual can help keep the sole trader motivated for the workday, especially if the primary workplace is in the home.

Go to Work-Related Events

Along with loneliness, another downside of being a sole trader is the general inability to maintain consistent strong professional networks. This not only has the potential to decrease motivation but can also lead to missed business opportunities as well as a stale and inefficient working environment.

Attending events is an effective way for sole traders to get out of their normal work routine while also increasing their exposure to new business ideas, potential business partners, and clients.

Take a Real Break

This is especially important for sole traders who spend much of their working life in front of a computer or on the road. Although it can be easy to fall into the habit of not having a break in lieu of driving between jobs or browsing the internet, this may also lead to reduced focus and motivation in the later parts of the day.

Something as simple as spending 20 minutes away from a usual workplace to have a snack and a drink can help rejuvenate a sole trader’s state of mind and keep them motivated throughout the rest of their day.

Keep Track of Tasks

It seems like common sense for sole traders to plan and keep track of their tasks throughout their day, but doing this is highly important for sole traders to stay motivated. Keeping a detailed schedule of tasks that need to be completed not only helps boost productivity, but also keeps a sole trader motivated to complete them.

Being able to monitor tasks can also help with motivation if unforeseen events – such as an urgent work-related phone call or personal issues – take a sole trader’s focus away from their work.

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