The ATO has released a public taxation ruling covering the ATO’s views on the deductibility of expenditure incurred in acquiring, developing, maintaining or modifying a website for use in the carrying on of a business.

Importantly, if the expenditure is incurred in maintaining a website, it would be considered ‘revenue’ in nature, and therefore generally deductible upfront.

This would be the case where the expenditure relates to the preservation of the website and does not:

  • alter the functionality of the website;
  • improve the efficiency or function of the
  • alter the functionality of the website;
  • improve the efficiency or function of the website; or
  • extend the useful life of the website.

However, if the expenditure is incurred in acquiring or developing a commercial website for a new or existing business or even in modifying an existing website, it would generally be considered capital in nature in which case an outright deduction cannot be claimed.

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**Disclaimer: The information is sourced through NTAA**

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