5 Quick Win Marketing Tips For Your Business

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As a small business owner responsible for your own marketing strategies, it can difficult to know where to start. Without the experience of a professional marketing career behind you, you may feel at a loss with how to spread the word about the products or services you offer.


Here are just a few simple tips shared by marketing professionals for how to get a quick win for your business, and they’re completely free of charge.

1. Offer exclusivity

If there’s something your business offers which can be upgraded or given a gold star standard, use it. People love to feel they’re getting the better deal or VIP treatment and are happy to pay for the privilege.

2. Let social media work for you

Any small business that doesn’t have some sort of social media presence these days is at a disadvantage. As an increasingly-popular way for a business to be found, reviewed, and shared, most social media accounts can be opened free of charge and with great results. Social media is the easiest way to engage with your ideal clients, market products instantly, provide customer service, and keep your name in the forefront of people’s minds.

3. Keep your details updated

Whether it’s on your business cards, marketing campaigns, or company website, always keep your information up to date. This includes your address, phone numbers, email addresses, and particularly the “About Us” or “Services” sections where people get an idea of your business offerings.

4. Give customers an incentive to return

To win back lost customers, you’ll need to entice them to return. Use your social media campaigns or customer service team to identify any complaints about where your products or service might have been lacking and then address these accordingly. Offer special deals for returning customers or coupons accessible through your online presence.

5. Keep the human touch

While it’s handy to rely solely on the internet, emails, and social media campaigns, people still like to feel that human touch when dealing with businesses. Make sure you get out and network, speak to your customers in person and make yourself known at events so that there’s a friendly face behind your business name.


Keeping your business running successfully is an ongoing job, and thankfully for those in Victoria, there is help available. To speak with a professional about your small business needs and a tailored discussion on finances, contact Hart Partners today.


* * * Disclaimer: No person should act on the general information in this article without taking specific advice from a qualified advisor. * * *

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